Dog Health and Happiness: Organic Toys for Your Best Friend

organic dog toysDogs are members of our families and we want the best for them, from the food they eat to making sure they get proper exercise and medical care. We carefully choose the toys we buy for them – we want toys that stimulate their minds, exercise their bodies, give them pleasure, and satisfy their need to chew.

But one thing we seldom think about is what those toys are made from, and that can be just as important as the ingredients in their food. After all, toys are in your dog’s mouth, and chewing is the first stage of the digestive process. Even if your dog doesn’t pull toys apart and eat the pieces (which many dogs do), there are dyes and other chemicals right on the surface that end up in your dog’s system.

Complete dog health takes into consideration everything dogs come into contact with, especially what goes into their bodies. But aren’t all dog toys the same? No – concern over toxic chemicals in dog products has risen in recent years, and the response has been an introduction of safer, more organic foods and products. That includes dog toys made with organic materials.

Organic dog toys are made with recognizable materials and are clearly labeled – look for key words like:

  • organic
  • nontoxic
  • lead free
  • chemical free

Plush toys will have organic wool or cotton stuffing and may have sustainable hemp exteriors or other organic fabric. And the absence of chemical dyes is especially important if there’s any color added. Not only are toys like this safer for your dog, they’re also eco-friendly and, therefore, safer for the planet.

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