Flowers that are Harmful to Dogs

dog eating flowersHi, my name is Dudley. I’m an adventurous beagle mix that loves to sniff all of the beautiful flowers in my backyard. But I better not munch on any! Some of them are toxic to me and all of my canine buddies.

Sago palm – The plant and seeds contain cycasin, a toxin that can cause death even if only one seed is consumed. I’m glad this plant is not growing in my territory!

Daffodils – While the flower itself is toxic, it’s the bulbs that are the most harmful to us dogs. The poison can cause convulsions, excessive salivation, and heart problems.

Azalea – Munching on just a few leaves could cause me to miss my walks due to weakness. Other problems such as drooling and loss of appetite could also occur.

Lilies – Lilies of the valley sure smell good, but they, along with the peace lily and calla lily could send me to bed with a stomach ache or tremors.

Amaryllis – This flower is popular at Easter time, but if I nibble on it, the holiday won’t be any fun for me. It can cause abdominal pain, depression, and tremors.

Oleander – The cardiac glycosides this plant contains are highly toxic and can cause a trip to the vet with heart abnormalities, tremors, and vomiting. That does not sound like fun.

Kalanchoe – This common houseplant can cause vomiting, so if you use it to add color to your sunroom, make sure it’s located where a fellow canine can’t reach it.

Tulips – Both plant and bulb are harmful to dogs, but it is the bulb that is most likely to cause problems such as drooling, irritation of the mouth, and upset stomach. Oh no! These grow in my backyard. I better stay away.

Please keep these flowers in mind next time you visit your local nursery. My friends and I don’t mean to eat things we shouldn’t. But we’re dogs. And sometimes we just cannot help it.

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